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History of Anekal in Karnataka

Situated in Karnataka, Anekal is suburban town near Bangalore. It is 35 km away from main city of Bangalore and falls on southern part of this metropolitan city. It is located near the border of Tamil Nadu and falls under Karnataka. Due to this condition this place has seen very influential turns of events in past centuries. The people of Anekal speaks Kannada the official language of Karnataka state, Tamil the official language of Tamil Nadu and some also use Telugu, the official language of Andrapradesh and Telangana states. With the use of 3 different languages you can also notice the cultural mix in the town of Anekal. This place is amongst the rapidly growing towns near Bangalore which is witnessing development on all fronts.

Anekal district has total of 230 villages. It is famous for its ancient temples. There are many temples in Anekal the oldest of all is the Chennakeshava temple. This temple was dedicated to Ramanujacharya. Among other oldest temples the that of Amrits Mallikarjuna  is one. It has a lamp pillar of about 30-feet high. The temples found in Anekal are dedicated to Dharamaraya, Chowdeshwari, Gangamma, Kalikamba, Nagareshvara and many god an goddess of Hindu religion. this town had four entrance in the begning there are still four Anjaneya temples located on the four entrance of the town. Amongst other famous temples in Anekal district Kali Vishveshvara Temple is main attraction. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Location of this temple is at very famous tourist point of Muthyalamaduvu. Muthyalamaduvu means the valley of pearls. It got this name because of the waterfall in here. People visit Muthyalamaduvu in raiy season and immediately after rainy season to enjoy the beauty of waterfall and visit this ancient temple of lord Shiva.

Anekal Culture

Anekal District also celebrates Karga festival. The history behind celebrating this festival has its connections with Mahabharata.  It is based on Vastrakshepa (stripping) of Draupadi, the casting out of Pandavas and the death of Draupadi’s son by Ashwathama. This festival celebrates the strength and purity Draupadi even after facing such circumstances. Procession of Karga festival includes local folk dancing by people, this dance form is called Kargam it is accompanied by many musical intstruments played along.

This town was founded in the beginning 16th century by Chikka Thimme Gowda from Sugatur. The general of Bijapur after taking over Thimme Gowda’s hereditary possession of Hoskote, constricted him to Anekal. After settling for Anekal Thimme Gowda thereupon raised the fort and temple. The temples constructed by him are still standing on the land of Anekal. Anekal was later again annexed by Mysore at the time off Thimme Gowda’s grandson.  Gowad’s compensated by paying tributes to Maysore and remain chief of Anekal. Later Haidar Ali expelled the rulers and Anekal became part of Mysore state.

From centuries this town has seen many changes. It has preserved its ancient history and cultural values in the form of temples and monuments. The administration of Anekal takes care of all these historical monuments and protects them.

Tourism in Anekal

Festivals in Anekal

For a getaway from the rush and busy life of Bangalore, Anekal is the best option. Anekal is a suburban town near Bangalore. It is situated in the southern part of Bangalore, an Urban district of India. The journey from Bangalore to Anekal is short of about 35 to 40 Kilometers from the main city. This place is located close to Tamil Nadu border, which makes it popular tourist attraction not just for local Bangalore folks but also for citizens of nearby states. The popularity and greenery of this place has attracted many tourists to Anekal.

Anekal is famous for giant rock structures. Localities call them 'Gajashella' which literally translates to Elephant Rock. Due to abundance of such giant rocks Anekal is also called as “Gajashella Pura” it means a town with Elephant rocks. The Other name for Anekal is “Ragiya Kanda” it means Ragi depots of Karnataka state. Ragi is a cereal produced in large quantity here. It is the main staple food supporting the agricultural fraternity in Anekal.

Anekal is famous for its Karga festival. Karga means mud pot. On this mud pot stands a tall floral structure of pyramid shape. This pot is balanced on a karga carriers head. Karga festival has its origins from Mahabharata. People perform Kargam on Karga festival which is a unique folk dance. The ritual pot is filled with water and other contents, these contents have remained secrets from many century. The pot career is a priest. Many dancers perform various acrobatic dance forms following the procession with various types of indigenous musical instruments played along. Karga festival is an Eye catching ritual followed in southern states of India.

The famous place to visit in Anekal is Muthyalamaduvu. It is a popular picnic spot surrounded with greenery. There is also a small but captivating waterfall at Muthyalamaduvu, which ads charm to this place. Muthyalamaduvu is five kilometer away from Anekal and about 40 kilometers away from Bangalore city. You can always come here on weekends and vacations and enjoy a good time with your close ones or friends. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing. Weather conditions here are soothing from the heat and pollution of the main city. If you are in Bangalore and want to relax somewhere near the city then do visit Muthyalamaduvu.

The water fall here surges down from the height of 90 meters. It is formed by thin jets of water, which spurts out small drops of water like pearls. This pearly appearance of water has given Muthyalamaduvu its name. Muthyalamaduvu means Pearl Valley. The water source of this waterfall is located nearby it is called Onakanahalli. The best timing to visit Muthyalamaduvu is during rainy season, as it is in its full flow during this time of year. The water fall is visited frequently by many tourists from August to November. If you are making plans to visit Muthyalamaduvu do visit Lord Shiva’s Temple it is located nearby. Muthyalamaduvu is a good place for bird watchers as this place is affluent in bird population due to the presence of waterfall. Beware of monkeys, take your own food and try not to eat it in open otherwise you will face some monkey trouble. The administration of Anekal is making efforts to develop this place and other spots. You will definitely enjoy your time here.

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